Deep Packet Filtering Eliminates Unwanted Data

Remove adverts, tracking, malware and more

Our Deep Packet Content Filter uses sophisticated technology that analyzes the data packets traveling through a network in real-time. By examining the content of these packets, the filter can identify and remove various types of threats at source, such as malware, adware, tracking, and telemetry, advertising and more. This process helps to protect users from potential security breaches and privacy violations, speeds up your network, reduces bandwidth.

Any Device

DPF is just a simple DNS change to any of your devices, whether mobile, Smart TV, laptop, aircraft or entire corporation

Simple to Use

Incredibly simple to use, no complex configurations and no loss of any services you would normally use.

Speed and save

About 70% of data to you was never requested, DPF deletes this before it gets to you. Speeds up, saves bandwidth and money

Monthly Plan
Yearly Plan


Access video or streaming services and websites not in your region



Normally £7/month

Normally £70/year

Top Features

  • Stream any Content
  • Unlock Geo Restrictions
  • Access Popular Streams
  • Change your location
  • Browse anything
  • No App Required
  • Multiple Devices

Also Includes

  • Works on any Device
  • Setup in seconds
  • No Contract
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Private VPN with IP

A VPN where you own the server and a static IP, incorporates SmartDNS



Normally £12/month

Normally £120/year

Top Features

  • L2TP / IPSEC / PPP
  • Own Server / No Logs
  • Dedicated Static IP
  • SmartDNS coded in to VPN
  • Your own ACL List
  • Multiple Users & Devices
  • Class C Private IP Block
  • Add DPF on Checkout

Also Includes

  • Any UK Domain Name
  • Vanity VPN Server Address
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • No Contract
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Mailcleaner +

Antispam and Email Security for any domain name, on or off our systems. Bi Directional



Normally £19/month

Normally £190/year

Top Features

  • Spam & Virus Removal
  • Bi Directional Filtering
  • Smarthost Relay
  • Stops Phishing
  • DNS Blocklists
  • URL Blocklists
  • Quarrantine Per User
  • No Bandwidth Limitations

Also Includes

  • User Whitelists
  • User Blacklists
  • 1:1 Setup Support
  • No Contract
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Deep Packet Filter

Most Popular

Complete data conditioning removing rogue spam and traffic at source, including ads



Normally £22/month

Normally £220/year

Top Features

  • Own Server and IP
  • Admin Tools
  • Blocks all Adverts
  • Removes Telemetry
  • Blocks in App Adverts
  • Blocks Tracking Domains
  • Block Phishing
  • Blocks Fraud and Scam Lists

Also Includes

  • White / Blacklist Controls
  • User Service Blocking
  • User Social Blocking
  • User Content Blocking
  • 24/7 Customer Support
SmartDNS Setup

Fully Managed Service

We process all technical the steps to get your business up and running running or transferred within 24 hours.

  • Select DPF

    Select the Deep Packet Filter Service and complete the checkout process

  • Ticket Response

    On complettion, check the access response ticket sent to your email address

  • Change DNS

    Change the Primary & Secondary DNS to those given in your ticket on all devices

  • Hack Free Browsing

    No more adverts, malware, telemetry, tracking and much more

Real UK support from
real people 24/7

Support Area

*Email : Support

*Free Phone : 0808 304 8316

*Switchboard : +44 (0) 1273 257623

*VOIP Extension : 100 or 102 (Free Account)